From small personal projects to the next big dream. My art can cater for every ambition.

With Star Drake, detail is supreme in the art service I offer. Every part of a subject, from where they call home to how they think is factored into all designs be they places, creatures, tools or outfits.

My name is Mark Stamp, and if there’s one thing I enjoy above anything else, it is creating.

Everyone’s got a personal project they’ve been pondering about, and that’s why Star Drake exists. From small personal projects to the next big dream is my passion. The depth of creation is at the heart of what is made, but in my years creating, I have found they absolute key to custom art that hits the moment you see it, is to enjoy it being made.

For the best service on offer, I aim for an art service that is engrossing to make a result that brings excitement every time it is seen.

But as important as depth and enjoyment is communication. Visual display has a language all of its own, every curve and shape can tell a story. Every item too, that’s one of the enjoyable things I do. Information is very important in what I do, the more detailed the dialogue between the studio’s service and clients, the better I can create. That’s why every project starts with a discussion of who? what? how? and why?

Every project I start, I start with what the vision is.

What Star Drake Can Offer

Crafted Characters

From mighty god-kings to scrappers who don’t stay down, spacefaring mercenaries and princes to ancient warriors risen from the dead, every character has a story behind them. Form, fashion, stance and mood can go toward telling that story. Be it for a portrait or a presentational concept.

For every person there is a place, an identity. I love to bring that out; outfitting ideas come along with my portraiture work. And these can vary from sumptuous gowns and slimline suits to great big coats and rags. Whatever the style though, I love crafting them all and giving each one a vivid personality.

Wonderous Worlds

For every person there is a place they came from, an identity that applies to locations too. Far-off locales, long-lost places and impossible worlds captivate me as much as the people and creatures that can come from them. These places can be used to better explain those who hail from them, perhaps deepening their origins or their familiarities

Sensational Storytelling

Not all my works are static concepts. And plenty come with a story to tell. I delight in crafting moments that could take an entire chapter, perhaps a whole book, to elaborate with words. Scenes which drip with hints of wider context and implications of broader scope. To capture a moment that sparks the imagination and ignites the fires of immersion. To make you really feel like you are there, looking in on a whole different world!

For custom art where every detail is important, Star Drake is at your service

Further contact

Looking for a more one-to-one discussion for your commission? Follow or contact through one of the sites below. I will get back to you as promptly as I can.